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Personal Growth Defined

What Is Personal Growth?

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit the Personal Growth LLC website. My name is Oliver M. Siems. I am a 1970 graduate of Saint Louis University School of Social Work (MSW) and founder of Personal Growth, LLC often referred to as The Personal Growth Company. With extensive training and experience in individual, group, couples, marriage, relationship, and hypnotherapy, I have been able to assist many clients in proactively redirecting their personal growth journey. At the same time, my own personal growth has been immeasurably enhanced through working with clients who are committed to growth and change..

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a member of the Academy of Clinical Social Workers (ACSW). While honing my professional skills over the last thirty years, I developed THE TWELVE FOCUS POINT PERSONAL GROWTH PROGRAM.


I now invite you to review this program, and consider how you could benefit by changing and/or redirecting your personal growth journey.

Personal Growth, LLC

LET US BEGIN BY REVIEWING THE CONCEPT OF PERSONAL GROWTH: Personal growth is often referred to as a journey beginning at birth, meandering through life, creating and shaping the person you are today and the person you will be tomorrow.

ALSO, IT IS HELPFUL TO THINK OF PERSONAL GROWTH AS: The psychological and social evolution of a person by consciously or subconsciously choosing to take psychologically healthy risks.
      As you begin to think about your personal growth journey, the inherent human dilemma will become more apparent and perplexing. This dilemma is reflected in our need to feel secure by maintaining the status quo while continually adjusting to life’s uncertainties. As you can see, this dilemma can be very stressful and pose many roadblocks inhibiting your life journey. The Twelve Focus Point Personal Growth Program offers a step by step individualized personal growth strategy toward becoming your own personal life coach. We will begin by assessing your present life situation, your conscious and subconscious dilemmas along with any behaviors that may impede your personal growth. You may now be considering the question: “What distinguishes personal growth therapy from various other therapeutic approaches? The primary difference is one of “FOCUS” which can best be clarified in the statement: “THE ONLY PERSON YOU CAN CHANGE IS YOURSELF”. Whatever therapy deemed applicable, be it INDIVIDUAL, GROUP, MARITAL, PREMARITAL, PERSONAL GROWTH THERAPY OR HYPNOTHERAPY, the focus will be to facilitate your personal growth.