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12 Focus Point Program

The Twelve Focus Points

1.   Review and Discuss Presenting Problem.

2.   Complete the Personal Growth Inventory.

3.   Define your Personal Growth Inventory.

4.   Determine what keeps you from achieving your Personal Growth Goals.

5.   Write a "Working Autobiography: (Discuss with therapist).

6.   Explore your "Life Script" and how it has shaped your life journey.

7.   Review how your programming, beliefs, attitude, feelings, and behavior have
impacted your Personal Growth Journey  (Discuss with therapist).

8.  Create a past, present, and future pictorial flow chart of your life  (Discuss with

9.   evaluate your risk-taking style (is it productive or non-productive?)

10.  Explore how fear and guilt may have stifled your Personal Growth Journey.

11.   Summary.

12.  Recommendations.

The aforementioned Twelve Focus Point program is designed to help you stay focused on self-discovery,
redirect your personal growth journey and change counterproductive behavior.